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Melbourne Victoria Australia


Phone: 0433 558 221

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Energy Healing
Spiritual Intuitive Support
1:1 Sessions if you feel lost, confused or are having a spiritual experience
Workshops & Workplace Wellbeing
Help Me Sleep!
30 min Distant Energy Healing Sessions to help you get back to sleeping. All you need is a place to lie down uninterrupted for 30 min. We can chat via phone prior and after. Generally 1-3 sessions required.
For Professionals
Our Integrated Healers Network brings together mainstream and complementary therapists to share resources and knowledge, feel a sense of connection and be nurtured.
Spiritual Groups & Gatherings
Let's chat about all things spiritual, consciousness, energy, existential, transcendent experiences. Meet up groups and discussion boards.
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Loving You and All That You Do

Are you feeling lost and disconnected?

Let's get you back to loving you and all that you do and connecting you with like-minded people.


You have taken the first courageous step in seeking support and wanting to connect, yay well done:)!


I am here to help so lets start with the free stuff, check out the free Resources page on the navigation bar for some quick tips on self care (we could all do with some more of this!), relationships, energy healing and lots more. More resources coming on supporting yourself through spiritual experiences and crises of faith. Please feel free to email me with any resource requests.


Every challenge you face in life there can be growth and learning let me show you how you can harness this learning to help propel you forward to become a stronger more vibrant version of you. 


I offer a unique service as I am a Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner and Energy Healer with a background in Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy for over 15 years. I held clinical and lead roles in inpatient, outpatient, community settings, education and private practice overseeing and supporting the development of multidisciplinary teams and supervising staff. My interest in spirituality, intuition and consciousness began to grow about 6 years ago when I had a number of clients coming to talk with me about their own spiritual/metaphysical experiences.


Coming from a mental health professional background there is limited understanding and support for people having these experiences and I wanted to offer support and education to improve awareness. The key for me is helping people to not only feel heard and understood in their experiences, but also loving who they are through such transforming journeys.  The energy healing that I offer has hugely benefited people to improve their mental wellbeing, get them back to sleeping through the night, improved physical pain, and help gain clarity when feeling lost.


Feel free to contact me for a free 10min chat about your needs to see if I am the right fit for you:).

Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs albeit support through life challenges, or mentoring/coaching you to develop or understand your personal spiritual journey or intuitive gifts. Sessions available in clinic at Mill Park, Victoria, Australia or online by appointment. Click on Intuitive Spiritual Support link above.

Groups/Networks are currently offered in Whittlesea and Mill Park, Victoria, Australia:

Spiritual Group - for people having spiritual, intuitive, consciousness, energetic or other non-ordinary experiences such as out of body experiences, synchronicities, a near death experience, communication from loved ones who have past, predictive dreams, etc. 

Integrated Healers Network Meeting - For both complementary therapists and mainstream practitioners to come together be nurtured, share knowledge and connect. 


Supervision for Fully Registered Mental Health Professionals & Support for Education Leaders is available through both individual and group supervision or secondary consultation. Click on For Professionals above to find out more about Sasha's area of expertise and for prices. 

Speaking Events - Sasha has engaged audiences through radio, television, and conferences/workshops specialising in topics relating to metaphysical experiences, self care, relationships, and energy healing approaches.

Main Event 2020 - Supporting Professionals From Health and Wellbeing Sector in Understanding Spirituality, Consciousness & Energy an Experiential Workshop.

Email to register your interest; 

Just want to connect - feel free to send Sasha an email, check out Facebook page Intuitive Spiritual Psychology or Linked In - Sasha Preece.