Sasha Preece

Director Of Intuitive Spiritual Psychology



I am so excited you are here!


Many years ago I too was searching for support and intuitive guidance just like I offer today. Historically, working as a Senior Clinical Psychologist & Family Therapist (for over 17 years) I have supported thousands of amazing people just like you through their life challenges. 

As I faced some of my own challenges (yes I too am human), I found that talking alone did not create the shifts I wanted. Rehashing past stories over and over, kept me stuck in the past. I already had the mind tools to work through and learn from my experiences. In my quest for exploring healing options I tried energetic healing and intuitive guidance. I have experienced the power of these treatment options and I have spent years refining my own healing and intuitive gifts to benefit you.


If you are ready to make profound changes to your life, step into a new positive way of thinking and being in the world and attracting this back to you, then I look forward to working with you soon!


If you are already an amazing healer, medium or psychic or have some emerging gifts then I am here to support you on your journey, lets get started!