How Can I stop my racing thoughts?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Did I pay that bill…am I going to get that promotion…why did I say that to her/him…how did I let that happen… round and around we go in our minds exhausting us and not really achieving an outcome we want. All too often we get caught in this cycle trying to mentally think our way through challenges which leads to an overflow of thoughts often unhelpful critical and unproductive. But there are other ways to help clear your mind rather than over thinking worst case scenarios or re-hashing old stories which are both not very helpful.

Tips for stopping racing thoughts.

Focusing on the negative brings you just that, more negative, putting energy into something positive will have a flow on effect. Even in our most challenging times we can always find something small to be grateful for so this is number 1.

1. Gratitude – shift your focus to something you feel grateful for and express that gratitude in your mind or write it down.

2. Bring you back to the present moment rather than worrying about the future or the past. This could be a meditation or taking a few deep breaths with an affirmation said in your mind or out loud. “I am present and I am safe” “I am present and I my thoughts are clear”. Having an affirmation gives you back control, repeat it as needed.

3. Express it – write down the thoughts, express them through something creative, let the emotion out, talk with another trusted person. This can help to get them out of your mind and possibly even find a solution.

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4. Distract yourself with something you are passionate about, or do something fun or enjoyable or something to get you physically moving. Often we find solutions to things when we switch off our brain for a bit. When our brain has a break and we can come back later with fresh perspective.

5. Remember your thoughts are not the truth. But just thoughts. You have the power to witness your thoughts and to change them. Changing your thoughts to possible positive outcomes or solutions is within reach and can alter the outcome. If you set a goal for yourself break down the steps and start taking these steps you are most likely to get the outcome you desire. If you are beating yourself up along the way it will take more time to get the outcome you desire.

6. Confronting your fears. What is the worst case scenarios. Lets confront it rather than run from it. Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. How likely is that worst case scenario to happen, if it is likely, will I be ok if this happens? What might be another more likely outcome. Then imagine that you are letting go of your fears and release with a more positive affirmation of what you want.

7. Remember when one door closes another one will open if you are open to seeing it. Setbacks are opportunities for you to grow and expand perhaps in unexpected ways. What have you learnt from the current experience and what might you do differently next time. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you are only human after all and we are all learning in this game of life.

8. For more lasting results try some regular meditation even 5-10 min on waking or before bed to help clear your mind.

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If your thoughts are persistent over a number of days/weeks and you want some additional support to gain relief, and you have tried other health professionals maybe it is time you considered energy healing! To book click on the link below:

I look forward to working with you soon.

Things can change for the better and this becomes possible when you believe it.

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