Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

So you are either reading this because you are starting to have some unusual occurrences or perhaps you have a clients or loved one having these experiences. Let me start by saying whilst it may feel confusing and scary you are not alone and there are people who can help you to understand these experiences.

A spiritual awakening can happen at any time during a person’s life. For some it can occur following a major life event or events, for others it can happen gradually or it can be something that people choose to learn about and experience.

Some of the common things people report during this time relate to different sensory experiences that are outside of the ordinary. If you think about our senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and I will add a sense of knowing something to be true, these are our main translations for understanding our environment. So I will briefly explore some of the experiences commonly understood to be linked with spiritual awakenings.

For some they may start to see things in their environment, e.g. flashing lights or sparkles, shadows in their peripheral vision, synchronistic events such as seeing repeated number patterns, seeing something early in the day that then relates to something later in the day, seeing feathers or colours having de ja vu experiences, predictive or pre-cognitive dreams or images, or images in their minds eye.

For others there may be a sense of hearing a ringing sound in their ear/s, hearing their name being said when no one is around or hearing a song being repeated on the radio, or thinking of a lost loved one and then hearing a song that relates to them. Hearing a song in their head or starting to hear a voice that is not their own.

For others still there may be odd physical sensations that are not found to have any medical basis (please ensure you have a medical check up first to rule out any underlying medical reasons for the symptoms). Feeling nauseous, change in diet, hot and cold flushes, physical discomfort/pain, momentary blurred vision, headache, tingling.

Some other symptoms that may be less common include smelling or tasting something that is not there as spirit can communicate through these senses as well. For example, smelling cigarette smoke whilst thinking about a relative who has past who smoked.

Sense of knowing also relates to synchronistic events that do not have a causal link. Carl Jung termed Synchronicity. It can seem as though you get an intuitive message at the perfect time and whilst it does not make logical sense as to how it happened you have an internal sense that it is correct. For example, you know who is going to call you just before your phone rings and you pick up and it is that exact person. This can also include hearing songs at a perfect time, getting answers to your questions, seeing signs in the environment such as letter or number sequences.

Now I want to stress again if you need to please seek support from your GP to check you out physically, if there are no obvious issues it may be helpful for you to get in contact with someone in the spiritual/metaphysical sector to talk with about your experiences. There are spiritual development circles, mediums/psychics who work privately or in spiritual shops or at psychic fairs, do your own research in books or online blogs, you tube.

We are also here to help, so book yourself in for one of our Spiritual Experience Support sessions now.

Most of all I just want you to know that you do not need to walk this journey alone and there are people who can help you navigate these experiences to help you develop your gifts and talents.

Sending you love and harmony on your journey.

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