What Can I Do To Look After Me?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Self Care Tips

When we look after ourselves well it means that we are more able to get our other essential tasks done quicker and more efficiently.

Prioritising time for you and small little treats for you builds up your immunity to developing mental health conditions and can often get you through these experiences much quicker.

Kindness towards yourself goes a long way and you may even notice the more that you give time and energy into looking after yourself the more those around you will want to do the same.

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So here are some quick tips to help with getting you back to feeling good.

1. “It is never a good time to take a break”, sound familiar?: Often workplaces will have scheduled break times so adopt this at home as well. E.g. at 11am I am going to sit down and have that cup of tea or coffee out of my favourite cup, look out the window or read 3 pages of my favourite book.

2. Rituals: Having regular activities that make you feel good are important. So if it is getting up 30min before anyone else in the house for some quiet time, walking / yoga, regular catch up with friends, etc. All of these things give your life structure and offer you a small gift to replenish you.

3. Relaxation time: Now it is time to ask yourself what activities do I like doing that make me feel relaxed and rejuvenated? This is a what do I “want” versus what do I “need” to be doing question. It could be anything from watching sport, getting creative, writing, listening to/playing music in a hot bath, dancing, singing, tinkering with something, looking through photos. We underestimate the value of this time.

4. Childhood memories may help: If you are struggling to find what it is that can create that sense of joy

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and fun within you think back to what you loved to do as a child. Children can often play freely, be present and just have fun. As adults it is like we have lost touch with how to do this. So what was it that gave you joy as a child and how can you do that or something similar now as an adult.

5. Think about sensory experiences: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch and I am going to add Thinking and Movement here too… Has one of your senses been overloaded and needs to be shut down for a while or another been sitting idol and may need some attention. It’s all about having balance if we overwork one area it may become burnt out. E.g. have you been looking at a computer screen for too long do your eyes and brain need a rest, perhaps take a quick walk or close your eyes and do a quick meditation. Or perhaps a massage or movement of some sort to get energy flowing again in your body. Try to think about creating balance so if things have been too focused and serious then play and have fun.

6. Express it: let those thoughts and feelings out rather than stuffing them down. Now I don’t mean it is time to necessarily go and yell at your neighbour, rather express your feelings in another way. This could include writing, screaming into a pillow or whilst driving alone in the car, draw/paint, throw a ball against a wall, boxing, crying (very cathartic), and if no other option is available imagine in your own mind releasing pent up thoughts or feelings with a large scream and then relaxing with some deep breaths.

Know that you are not alone if the challenges pile up and it is difficult to see your way through them call a friend or loved one and allow them to give you the gift of supporting you.

As a psychologist with over 17years experience I know that for me sometimes speaking to a professional can help and other times all I need is to have an energy healing session to reduce my stress so I can think clearly again.

If you would like to give energy healing a go click the link below to book now.


I look forward to working with you soon!

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