What is Energy Healing and Pellowah?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Energy healing is a form of creating a healing of one's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual being through use of energy from a high vibrational source (some may call this universal energy, life force energy, higher intelligence or source energy).

Many people may have heard of Reiki, which is a form of energy healing that originated in the 1800's. There are also many other energy healing techniques. One such technique that is gaining popularity is Pellowah, which was founded in 2003 by Kachina Ma’an. Pellowah is believe to be a higher vibrational frequency form of energy healing compared to Reiki.

Pellowah helps to create calmness and clarity, reduce emotional, mental and physical stress and improve sleep. Many find this form of healing also supports them to have a greater sense of confidence, empowerment and inner strength. For those who are feeling stuck or lost, it can also generate a sense of clarity and purpose. For clients who are interested Pellowah healings can also expand consciousness and awareness. Pellowah is often highly effective with chronic long term issues.

What happens in a Pellowah Healing Session?

During a Pellowah healing session clients lie down fully clothed in a comfortable position often on their back, then relax and receive the energy. There is no physical contact required for this form of energy healing and no talking during the treatment. Soft music may be played during the session to facilitate relaxation. Effective healings can also be done at long distance, where the practitioner is in one location and the client a separate location. For distance healings, clients need a quiet place to lie down for the duration of the treatment.

Clients may feel very relaxed during the treatment and some experience sensations such as energy flowing or vibration through their body, floating sensations, colours or lights, rumbling stomach, emotions surfacing or visual images. Some people may not notice anything different. All of these experiences are considered normal.

The Pellowah Practitioner will intuitively be guided as to where and how to direct the energy and will be moving their hands around the body of the client through the bodies energetic field. Generally there is no talking during the healing with opportunity for clients to discuss their experiences at the end of the session and Practitioners to provide any intuitive messages or insights received during the session at the end of the session.

Sessions vary in length from 10 min up to 50min.

The number of required sessions varies with some people experiencing positive changes after only one session and others needing 2-3 sessions or ongoing intermittent maintenance sessions as required.

Pre and Post Treatment Recommendations

For the 24 hours before and after a Pellowah session, clients should refrain from drinking alcohol or taking non-prescribed drugs as this will reduce the impact of the energy healing. It is important that clients continue to take any prescribed medication during this time. Drinking plenty of water post Pellowah is also very important.

Some people may experience more vivid dreams, physical sensations, or emotions being brought to the surface in the following few days after a treatment and for others they may have immediate relief and improvements in their symptoms. This will vary depending on the individual.

Please ensure you contact your Pellowah Practitioner following the session if you have any questions.

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