Spiritual Experiences links & books
Open Book
American Centre For the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE)

This website has many resources for individuals and practitioners including experiences forums, support groups, directories of mental health professionals, research and articles.


This same website has competancy guidelines for professionals:


Silent Worship and Meditation
Spiritual & Religious Crises and DSM IV category

Dr. David Lukoff


Understanding Spiritual Crises: https://youtu.be/RUcbj7hou2c 

Article exploring the religious and spiritual challenges category in DSM IV https://www.spiritualcompetency.com/pdfs/jhpsetosp.pdf 


Yoga Pose
Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences Research Foundation - share and read stories from other people who have had out of body experiences. 


Desert View
ESP & Remote Viewing

Russell Targ (Physicist who worked for the US government) -  book called Limitless Mind. Also see him talk about remote viewing in the clip below:



Support & Resources for Managing Spiritual Crises

International Spiritual Emergence Network:



Recommendations for what to do during a Spiritual Emergency:


Signs of a Spiritual Emergency: http://www.spiritualemergencenetwork.org/what-is-spiritual-emergency/signs-of-spiritual-emergency/

Also check out Facebook Pages on spiritual awakening groups to connect with others. 


Support for Empaths

Dr. Judith Orloff (Psychiatrist & Intuitive Empath) - See her book "Essential Tools for Empaths" (she also has other books to support empaths) 


Past Life Recall

Dr. Brian Weiss (Psychiatrist who specialises in Past Life Regression. 

Dr. Jim Tucker (Psychiatrist at University of Virginia) research and support for past life recall. 


Pile Of Books
Other interesting books and resources

Dr. Nicole Gruel PhD - Non-ordinary Transcendent Experience. https://www.drnicolegruel.com/the-power-of-notes-book/the-power-of-notes-book

Non-ordinary transcendent Experiences - Stories - Book :


Book: Real Life Psychic Detectives - Jack Smith

Netflix Series - Surviving Death explores experiences of people who have died, past life recall, mediums, healers, psychics and consciousness, incorporating stories from medical professionals and researchers. 

Book: Sidewalk Oracles - Understanding Synchronicity



Autobiographies and other books by psychic mediums: Doreen Virtue  (psychotherapist), Tyler Henry, John Edwards, James Van Praagh, Alison Dubios, Rebecca Campbell, Lee Harris.